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Monday, September 1, 2014

Three Guatemalan Roommates Involved in a Maryland Murder and Dismemberment Case

     Prince George's County Police officers, at nine-thirty on the morning of Sunday August 24, 2014, responded to a call from a resident of the Arden Pointe Apartments in Laurel, Maryland. The 911 caller had made a gruesome and shocking discovery. In two trash bags lying near an apartment complex garbage bin, the resident had come across human body parts.

     In the course of a thorough search of the area surrounding the revolting discovery, officers found, inside the nearby trash bin, two more bags containing the dismembered parts of a man. The remains belonged to a single person identified, through fingerprints, as 28-year-old Jacinto Perez, a Guatemalan immigrant.

     Investigators determined that the victim had resided at another apartment complex in the neighborhood called Finsbury Court. The dead man had shared an apartment with two other Guatemalans, 32-year-old Santos Leonel Mejia-Yanes and Bayron Cruz-Vargas, 34.

     On Thursday, August 28, 2014, officers arrested Santos Leonel Mejia-Yanes on suspicion of murder. When interrogated by detectives, Mejia-Yanes implicated himself and Bayron Cruz-Vargas in the murder and dismemberment of their roommate.

     According to Mejia-Yanes, he and Cruz-Vargas were arguing with the victim over money. The dispute took place in the apartment and became physical. Mejia-Yanes and Cruz-Vargas gave their roommate a good beating before strangling him to death.

     The two killers placed the corpse in the bathtub where they cut it into pieces. They placed the body parts into four trash bags they planned to dump in four different trash bins at other apartment complexes in the area. At Arden Pointe apartments the two human butchers panicked when they thought they had been observed. They tossed two of the bags into the trash bin and left the other two lying nearby.

     A Prince George's County prosecutor charged Mejia-Yanes with first and second-degree murder. The judge denied the suspect bail. The prosecutor charged Cruz-Vargas with the same homicide offenses.

     Cruz-Vargas was nowhere to be found. Officers believe the fugitive has fled the country.

     Following Mejia-Yanes' arrest, detectives searched the apartment for physical evidence of the dismemberment. The search included checking the plumbing in the bathroom.

     Killers who have the stomach to dismember their victims are either sexually perverted or extremely violent, angry and inhumanly cruel. Fortunately, at least in this country, there aren't many of them. 

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