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Friday, September 5, 2014

Jeremy and Amanda Swann: The Red Neck Rape Case

     Twenty-nine-year-old Jeremy Swann and his wife Amanda, 28, resided in Jones, Alabama, an unincorporated, rural community 40 miles northeast of Montgomery in the central part of the state. Amanda's 17-year-old, mentally disabled sister resided with the couple. Jeremy's mother, 57-year-old Dianna Swann, lived in the house as well.

     In June 2014, Jeremy and Amanda petitioned the Alabama Department of Human Resources for full custody of Amanda's sister. According to the couple, the 17-year-old's mother had molested her.

     Pursuant to the inquiry into the molestation allegation, social workers questioned the teenager. The girl said she had been sexually assaulted, but not by her mother.

     According to the victim, Jeremy and Amanda, in July 2014, had come to her with a proposition. Jeremy wanted to get her pregnant then adopt the baby. When the 17-year-old rejected the plan, he forcibly raped her six times over a period of thirty days. During one of the assaults he gagged her to stifle her screams.

      The victim said she had been raped with the full knowledge of Amanda Swann and Jeremy's mother, Dianna.

     On August 18, 2014, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson charged Jeremy Swann and his wife with first-degree rape. (Because the victim was his sister-in-law, Jeremy could also be charged with incest. Being a blood relative is not an element of incest.)

     The prosecutor charged Dianna Swann with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for knowing what was going on and failing to either intervene or report the crime.

     The judge set the Swann couple's bonds at $500,000. At a hearing in September the judge will appoint the suspects attorneys. 

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