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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: The Big Breakout at the Youth Detention Center

     More than 30 teens escaped from a Nashville, Tennessee youth detention center and 17 were still being sought early Tuesday September 2, 2014. Thirty-two teens--ages 14 to 19--escaped from Woodland Hills Youth Development Center around 11 PM on Monday September 1 by crawling under a weak spot in a fence that surrounds a yard there…(Hopefully they are better with development than they are detention at this facility.)

     Two teens were captured right away and others were apprehended overnight…Local police and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are taking part in the search for the teens still at large. The prisoners being kept at the detection center have committed at least three felonies.

     The escape happened when a large group of teens at the center went out into the yard all at once shortly after a shift change…Corrections officials do not believe the breakout was planned but was rather an spontaneous event…A total of 78 teens were being held at the center at the time.

"More Than 30 Teens Escape From Detention Center," The New York Times, September 2, 2014


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