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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Dressing Courtroom Casual

     An attorney who habitually appears in court without socks faces sanctions including possible fines if he shows up without them again in one Indiana courtroom. Blackford Circuit Judge Dean Young issued an August 25, 2014 order directing attorney Todd Glickfield of Marion to wear appropriate business attire, including socks and a tie, in future proceedings in Young's Hartford City courtroom.

     Glickfield appeared without socks in Young's courtroom on August 22. The order says that during a break in proceedings, the judge advised Glickfield that he wasn't appropriately dressed as required by court rules. The order states Glickfield appeared in court without a tie and with an open-collared shirt. [This attorney is lucky he doesn't practice in England where barristers have to wear wigs.]

"Judge orders Attorney to Wear Socks in Courtroom," Associated Press, September 5, 2014 

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