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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Wedding Reception to Remember

     A groom in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania fondled a pregnant waitress at his wedding reception held on the Gateway Clipper ship. He allegedly tried to pour alcohol down her throat as well. After getting into a fight with the waitress' boyfriend, he resisted arrest when the police showed up.

     On Monday September 1, 2014, Mark Williams, 33, of Crafton, Pennsylvania was charged with riot, harassment and resisting arrest. According to the criminal complaint, Williams touched the waitress several times. Just before the boat docked at one in the morning, she called her boyfriend and reported the abuse. The boyfriend was waiting when the boat came to shore.

     When officers with the Pittsburgh Police Department arrived at the scene, they were allegedly assaulted by the groom's 35-year-old brother, David Williams. The off-duty Pennsylvania State Police Trooper has been charged with riot, harassment, obstructing law enforcement and disorderly conduct. (That will look good on his record.)

     The state trooper is assigned to the Kiski Valley barracks about 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. The state police have placed Trooper Williams on paid administrative leave.

     A third man at the wedding reception was charged with punching out the window of a parked car. What a nice bunch of guys. And what a way to start married life. The bride must be so proud.

     The waitress' boyfriend who fought with the groom has not been charged with a crime. 

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