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Friday, March 7, 2014

Whackademia Quote: Stupid High School Administrators in St. Paul Cause Student Frostbite

     A Minnesota public high school was so committed to obeying its fire drill policy to the exact letter of the law that it forced a female student--dressed only in a swimsuit, and sopping wet--to stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes. As a result, she suffered frostbite. Administrators wouldn't let the student retrieve her clothes, sit in a car or wait inside another building….

     The trouble began when a small science experiment triggered the fire alarm at Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Teitz was swimming in the school pool for heath class at the time. Her clothes were in her locker, and a teacher told her that there was no time for her to change. Hagen-Tietz was rushed outside--still wet and dressed in only a swimsuit. It was 5 degrees below zero in St. Paul that day in February 2014. With the windchill, it was 25 degrees below zero.

     Hagen-Tietz asked to wait inside an employee's car, or at the elementary school across the street. But administrators believed this would violate official policy, and could get the school in trouble, so they opted to simply let the girl freeze. [How can such idiots be entrusted with the care and wellbeing of children?] Her fellow classmates, at least, huddled around her to keep her warm. And one teacher did eventually lend her a coat.

     Still, Hagen-Tietz came down with frostbite on her feet….

Robby Soave, "School Forced Half-Naked, Sopping Wet Student to Stand Outside, Frostbite Results," The Daily Caller, March 3, 2014 

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