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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Prolific Child Rapist Gary Hegna Gets Probation

     On January 30, 2014, Gary Hegna of Austin, Minnesota, a man convicted of sexual conduct with a young girl, entered a plea deal to avoid jail time….He was originally charged with first and third degree sexual conduct for forcing himself on a young girl over a five year period. [He made her dress up like an adult woman and had sex with her.]…Hegna was given probation in accordance with state guidelines for first time offenders….

     The Mower County Attorney's Office said that in general, cases that happened a long time ago involving child victims can be hard to prosecute and difficult to prove….

John Doetkott, "Questions Raised Over Child Molester's Sentence," KAALtv., January 31, 2014 

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