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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Mother Attempts Murder-Sucide By Driving Into Ocean

     A pregnant woman drove a car occupied by three children into the ocean as horrified witnesses tried desperately to help. The unidentified woman from South Carolina was caught on video at Daytona Beach, Florida, as she drove down the beach and into the water….Tim Tesseneer and another man were the first to reach the car. "She was pretty deep, and the water was moving the van, and the kids were screaming. He got the two kids out while she dove out the window, the driver's window…just belly-flopped into the water," Mr. Tesseneer said. It was at that moment that he realized there was still another child in the car….

     Authorities are investigating how and why the vehicle got into the water. All three children, aged 10, 9, and 3, and their mother were taken to a nearby hospital to be examined.

"Pregnant Mom Drives Kids into Ocean in Florida," News Limited Network, March 5, 2014  

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