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Monday, March 3, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Police Corruption in King City, California

     One-third of a central California town's police force was taken off duty after several officers were arrested in a scheme to take for themselves the impounded cars of some poor Hispanic residents….In the scheme, vehicles were impounded and towed, and when the car owners couldn't pay the fees, the vehicles were sold or given away for free to some officers….Four King City officers--including the recently retired police chief and the acting chief--have been arrested in the scheme, and two others were also arrested Tuesday, February 25, 2014….

     The six officers account for more than a third of the 17-member force in the agricultural town of 13,000 people about 150 miles southeast of San Francisco….The four officers tied to the alleged car theft scheme have each been charged with bribery and embezzlement….The operator of the towing company who is the brother of the acting chief has also been arrested in the case….

Channing Joseph and Martha Mendoza, "Third of California Town's Officers Tied to Scheme," Associated Press, February 26, 2014 

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