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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whackademia Quote: Is Any School Superintendent Worth $665,000 a Year?

     ….Unfortunate residents of the Centinela Valley School District (amid the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles) absolutely reamed [at a school board meeting] district superintendent Jose Fernandez for his laughably exorbitant, perk-filled salary package. On the backs of taxpayers, the paper-pushing boss "earns" an annual salary of $665, 365….In addition to the lucrative paycheck, the school board has also provided a sweetheart mortgage deal to help Fernandez buy his suburban home….

     Fernandez oversees just four schools in a district that enrolls a grand total of 6,637 kids….

Eric Owens, "Frustrated Taxpayers Berate School Superintendent for Absurd Salary," The Daily Caller, February 27, 2014 

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