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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: O.J. Simpson on TV and the LA County Jail

     I don't like what's on TV. In jail [1994] all I see is the negative and the misery of man. They [jail officers] set the channel and I'm forced to watch shows like "Beverly Hills 90210" [I loved that show] and stuff like that. Take a good look at these shows and you will see that the most popular people on these shows are the ones that are contriving and conniving and that goes back to the days of J.R. on "Dallas." That says something about TV in here and its values. They're not my values. [Wow.]

     I sleep all right and it's warm enough in here. I try to eat what I'm given, but I'm still losing weight. On the days when I go to court, which is most days, I was getting what is called a "court line sandwich" for dinner, which is the same sandwich I have for lunch. Just a piece of bologna or some other lunch meat on two pieces of bread. Plus some cookies or maybe an apple. There is no way anyone can stay healthy eating that twice a day, and then eating these high-cholesterol eggs and potatoes they give me in the morning, which half the time are cold. I can't get anything from the outside. Now at least I get a hot meal at night when I return from court, but it took a court order signed by the judge.

O.J. Simpson, I Want to Tell You, 1994 [A letter to a fan prior to his double-murder trial.] 

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