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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whackademia Quote: High School in Atlanta is About Football

     The Atlanta city's public school system, already reeling from a far-reaching teacher cheating scandal that is still unfolding, was rocked again on March 5, 2014 by new cheating allegations--this time against parents who allegedly falsified documents so their children could attend one of the city's football powerhouses and play on the team….

     Fourteen of the fifty-eight players on the Grady High School football team used faked addresses to enroll at the school. A three month investigation found that players and their parents used fraudulent addresses so they could play on the team….

     At least one player on the football team had never set foot in a classroom at the midtown school. In another instance, two siblings were registered at different addresses….Some of the students accused of fraud have voluntarily withdrawn; others have been asked to withdraw and tuition bills were sent to some parents whose children were found to be living outside the district.

     Some Grady parents were upset, and said the school system targeted Grady and the football team for behavior that goes on everywhere….

     The latest cheating allegation comes the month before 13 Atlanta educators are expected to stand trial on racketeering charges alleging that they conspired to change students' answers on curriculum tests to improve scores so they could collect bonuses. The 13 were among 35 educators, including former superintendent Beverly Hall, who were indicted last year….

Larry Copeland, "Report: Parents, Students Cheat to Attend Atlanta School," USA Today, March 6, 2014 

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