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Friday, February 7, 2014

Whackademia Quote: The Wall of Hate

     Watch out Florida residents: A giant Wall of Hate is coming to a university near you--ostensibly for the purpose of combating offensive speech on campus. [College and university administrators and their supports have succeeding in eliminating, on their campuses, free speech. Speech that does not comport with the orthodoxy of academia is simply not tolerated. When these people talk of "diversity" they don't mean diversity of thought or speech. Believe it or not, there are colleges and university that have established "free speech zones." The free speech zone should be the U.S., all of it.]

     Nova Southeastern University, a private institution's Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is hosting the wall, which was assembled by student members of the activities committee on campus. The wall consists of various curse words, racial epithets, and offensive ideas, and is a proxy for the campus's "War on Hate," according to Campus Reform. [Here's an idea. How about a war on illiteracy, shallow thinking, binge drinking, hazing, and useless college courses? How about a war against overpaid college administrators?]

     The wall will be destroyed on January 30, 2014 and replaced with a Wall of Love as part of the closing festivities on Nova's Unity Week. [Good heavens, has it come to this?]

Robby Soave, "University Protests Offensive Speech by Building a Giant Wall of Hate," The Daily Caller, January 26, 2014    


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