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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: O.J. Simpson as Victim

     To be unjustly accused of something, for people to try to convict you of something you didn't do….If that happens, if they succeed, I could never see my kids again. I will never let my kids come in here [jail] and see me….I would rather have them feel that I was with their mother.

     My kids don't deserve what is happening. I feel like they're also being punished. I've got to keep it together for my kids. I know in my heart I've been a good person. I'm not ashamed of my life….

O.J. Simpson, I Want to Tell You, 1994 [Letter to a young fan before his 1995 trial for double murder. As it turned out, people who wanted to convict him blew the case and did not succeed.] 

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