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Friday, February 28, 2014

Whackademia Quote: Mindless in Clarksville, Tennessee

     A senior at Northeast High School in Clarksville, Tennessee has been suspended for ten days and faces a multitude of additional punishments including criminal charges because school officials found a knife belonging to his father inside his father's car. The student is David Duren-Sanner….
     Duren-Sanner has sworn he knew nothing about the knife. The boy's father noted that the knife could have easily been wedged between two seats. The incident occurred on Thursday, February 20, 2014….The car the student drove was randomly chosen for a search….The blade on the knife is no longer than three inches. Consequently, school officials consider the knife a dangerous weapon. [Perhaps, but not nearly as dangerous as brain-dead school administrators.]….
Eric Owens, "Student Suspended, Criminally Charged For Fishing Knife Left in Father's Car," The Daily Caller, February 25, 2014 

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