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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Another Case Of Taser Madness

     Bay Area Rapid Transit police in February 2014 used a Taser on a harmless, unarmed man more than once, even as he was lying face-down and restrained on the floor of a passenger train. Horrified onlookers--who repeatedly asked the officers to stop tasering the man--recorded the incident on cell phone cameras. The unnamed black man was apparently intoxicated. Police claim that they approached him because he was harassing other passengers, although some of the eyewitnesses disputed that….

     The police asked the man to get off the train. When he refused, they Tasered him. A few minutes later, as the man was held against the floor, an officer Tasered him again--this time, for five long seconds. He was eventually dragged off the train and charged with public drunkenness and resisting arrest….

Robby Soave, "Brutality? Cops Taser Unarmed Man Twice While Holding HIm Against the Floor," The Daily Caller, February 13, 2014 

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