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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whackademia Quote: Are Colleges and Universities Hostile to Male Students?

     It's something like 60 percent women going to college and 40 percent men….I think that actually what's happening is that not only is college much less desirable to men, I think that the environment itself is actively hostile toward men.

     So, I think you've got two things going on there: College isn't to men as important as it used to be, and there are other things that men are finding to do. And at the same time, I think that the discrimination against men in these diversity-field, women-dominated schools is also acting as a kind of barrier to men. A lot of men don't want to put up with it, and a lot of people think, "Of course that's not really happening," but people have no idea what men face in our colleges today.

     For example, they can get into college today and be charged with any type of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, and there doesn't have to be really proof shown that they've done something. There are a lot of cases across the country where men actually can be charged with a very low preponderance [of evidence] for crimes as hideous as rape. And there's campus tribunals at some of these colleges that just say, "You know what, we think you did it and you're out of school.

Dr. Helen Smith (psychologist) in  a Forbes Magazine interview January 28, 2014 

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