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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Colorado's Negligent Patrol Car Drivers

     Distracted cops have caused hundreds of accidents in Colorado, for reasons ranging from spilling drinks in their cruisers to accidentally firing weapons through the floorboards, according to an investigation by Denver's Fox31. The station found that Denver police were responsible for causing 308 preventable accidents, and state troopers caused another 219. Cops in Adams County and Aurora wrecked their cars 115 and 80 times, respectively….

     Among the 308 accidents caused by Denver cops 136 were for careless driving, 106 involved problems backing up and 21 involved driving too fast. Denver paid out about $146,000 for repairs to motorists' cars wrecked by the police since 2011….[In J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, if an agent wrecked a bureau car and it was his fault, he paid for the cost of repairs.]

Greg Campbell, "Report: Distracted Colorado Cops Responsible for Hundreds of Car Accidents," The Daily Caller, February 4, 2014 

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