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Monday, May 13, 2019

The Dangerous Hospital Patient

     A Minnesota hospital patient went berserk and began attacking nurses with a large metal pipe he obtained by disassembling his hospital bed. The entire incident--caught on camera--points out the danger that hospital employees can face.

     The 68-year-old man surprised nurses at two in the morning November 6, 2014 when he started running through the hospital wielding the bar. [The mentally ill] patient injured four people, including one nurse who suffered a collapsed lung.

     Police confronted the man with a Taser. He died later that night. "By every stretch of the imagination, this was a highly violent incident," a police spokesman said.

     Violence in hospitals is not entirely unusual. About 60 percent of all non-fatal assaults and violent acts in the workplace occurred in the health care industry, according to a 2010 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thirty-one states have laws in place aimed at protecting nurses…The man's cause of death was under investigation.

"Minnesota Hospital Patient Attacks Nurses With Metal Pipe," ABC News, November 7, 2014 

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