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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Spoiled Kids Become Troubled Adults

The troubles that beset the overindulged child spring from his unrealistic expectations. He expects much to be done for him, and he has little sense of reliance upon his own powers. In his play he expects others to entertain him. In his school work he wants everyone to help him and tell him how things should be done. If circumstances permit these patterns to continue into adult life he may expect his parents to outlive and provide for him, or he will want a wife and perhaps even his children to minister to his wants. His human relations tend to be one-sided and unsatisfactory to everyone. Furthermore, in American society he will find it increasingly difficult to establish a basis for self-respect. Unless he remains singularly blind to his own tendencies he will be painfully aware of the disparity between his passive acceptance of support and the ideal of the pioneer, the self-sufficient businessman, or in general a free individual. [Many of these people end up in prison where they are cared for by the government.]

Robert W. White, The Abnormal Personality, Second Edition, 1956 

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