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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Four-Year-Old Distributes Heroin at Day Care

     A 30-year-old mother was arrested by authorities after her 4-year-old daughter shared packets of heroin to other students at a local day care center. Police officers and medical personnel responded to the Hickory Tree Child Care Center in Selbyville, Delaware at 11:45 in the morning of October 6, 2014. The police were called after staff members saw some of the children with the small bags of white powder…

     The bags of white powdery substance were confiscated by the teachers and were immediately taken to the Selbyville Police Department where it was tested and determined to be heroin…Officers said the girl accidentally brought the packets of heroin into the day care in a backpack given to her by her mother after the child's own backpack was destroyed by a family pet…The girl is said to have thought the packets were candy and began handing them out to other students.

     A total of 249 packets of heroin weighing 3.735 grams were found in the backpack. None of the packets were opened by any of the children…Some of the kids were taken to nearby hospitals as precautionary measures. They were later released after thorough examinations.

     Ashley Tull of Selbyville, the woman identified as the mother of the girl…was arrested and charged with maintaining a drug property and endangering the welfare of a child…Tull was eventually released on $6,000 bail and was ordered to have no contact with her three children who were placed under a relative's care.

"Delaware Mom Arrested After 4-Year-Old Shared Heroin at Day Care," designntrend.com, October 7, 2014

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