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Monday, March 22, 2021

The Dawn DaLuise Murder-For-Hire Case

     Dawn Melody DaLuise moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s to become a model. Ten years later, she enrolled in beauty school and eventually opened her Skin Refinery salon in West Hollywood. On her company website DaLuise advertised waxing and what she called Electrical Muscle Stimulation facials that supposedly eliminated dry skin, wrinkles, and damage from chemical peels.

     At the Skin Refinery an electrical stimulation treatment cost $125 a pop, a regular facial $80, and a wax job $90. Billing herself as "the skin specialist to the stars," DaLuise claimed to have worked on celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Christian Slater, Alicia Siverstone, Christina Ricci, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

     On March 4, 2014, detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's fraud and cyber stalking bureau were investigating a cyber stalking complaint when they stumbled upon a murder-for-hire plot that allegedly involved the skin specialist.

     The murder scheme in question allegedly unfolded between January 22 and February 12, 2014. It centered around three text messages DaLuise sent to a friend named Edward Feinstein. In those messages DaLuise bragged that she had hired a hit man to rub out a young business competitor, Gabriel Suarez.

     In August 2013, Suarez opened a skin salon next door to the Skin Refinery. He called his shop Smooth Cheeks. In one of her text messages to Feinstein, DaLuise wrote: "I found someone who is going to take Gabriel out. His name is Chris Geile and he's an ex-Detroit Lion quarterback. He's six-foot-seven and 315 pounds. He's on my Facebook page. (In the contract killing business, the size of the hit man really doesn't matter. It's the size of his gun that counts. Also, DaLuise didn't have her football facts quite straight. In reality, Geile had been an offensive guard whose NFL career involved playing three games with the Detroit Lions in 1987.)

     When the suspected murder-for-hire mastermind learned that detectives had questioned Feinstein, she allegedly sent him text messages coaching him on how to mislead investigators.

     On March 5, 2014, Los Angeles County detectives booked Dawn DaLuise into the county jail on the charge of conspiracy to commit murder. She was held on $1 million bond. She pleaded not guilty and claimed that the murder-for-hire messages were simply a joke. She had no intention of having anyone killed. If convicted as charged, however, the 56-year-old could spend up to nine years in prison.

     In January 2015, a jury sitting in a Los Angeles Superior Court, after deliberating one hour, found DaLuise not guilty as charged. She walked out of the courtroom a free woman.


  1. Keep your eye on this case - all is not as it seems. The "victim" has been stalking the "suspect" for years, threatening her kids, hacking into her client list,. The "coaching" re what to tell the police was her attempt to get them to do something about this guy's threats. The "murder" email was a joke. Her friend's response text was "LOL," for Chris-sakes.

  2. Years? Edward has only known Dawn 9 months.

  3. Interesting that you say "Edward" . . . the plot thickens.

  4. Yes please dont buy everything the media tells you this story is annoying because its not even close to the truth and has been fabricated for media hype. Ed feinstein was recently arrested after this for stalking and terrorizong Dawn Daluise and her daughters breaking into account etc,he posed as Dawns and led her to believe this stalking and cyber stalking was Gabriel! It was horrible for months her and her innocent daughters had flyers spread all over santa monica boulevard , the daughters residence were they lived with their father etc... Dawn and her daughters are the reall victims here she was never JELAOUS of anyone please. The woman has been in every nationalbeauty magazine has a 20 year old loyal clinetel and her own skin care line,she and her daughters were in fear of their lives . She went to LAPD division for help for months but they said they needed proof. The stalker Ed feinstein also placed ads on craiglist giving perverts Dawns home address apt number,posting she had a rape fantasy and all they would show up at her door allhours of the night! This is repulsive Dawn the real victim is sitting in jail! She will get her chance to tell the reall story! Dawn is a sweetheart and couldnt hurt a fly. She was terrified during this. Ed feinstein was arrested in connection to all this stalking and it was traced tohis computer. He is a dangerous sociopath!

    1. No charges were filed against Ed Feinstein. Apparently he wasn't that dangerous. Dawn, on the other hand threatened to kill someone and made a mockery of the police department by lying to them. If she was scared and NOT involved, she would of changed her number, moved, etc. Something is fishy, and that's Dawn DaLusie!

  5. Five years later I see Dawn quite
    differently,blinders off,she is without
    a dought the most narcissist, backstabbing, phony faced,insecure ego maniac,her life is one contact drama and victims set up
    for herself, theres not one person in her life she doesn't talk crap about behind there back,she has transactions,not friends,she's a opportunist she will use you and trash you behind your back. Shes toxic as hell,not good what happened to her but someone was right when they said shes not as nice as she pretended to be.

  6. Its pretty disgusting come to find out this lying manipulative woman made every thing up just to get Gabriel out of the building, no wonder her daughters want nothing to do with her.