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Friday, March 19, 2021

Getting a Taste of Blood

     In March 2013, in Sola, Norway on the country's western coast, kindergarten teacher Inger Lise Soemme Anderson pulled off a show-and-tell stunt that in its degree of stupidity matches what we have come to expect in U. S. education. Anderson came to class one day with a vial of her own blood which she poured onto a plate. The teacher invited her students, kids between the age three and six, to dip their fingers into the red liquid. At least twelve kids touched their teacher's bodily fluid. When the students asked how to clean their bloody fingers, Anderson illustrated the solution by inserting one of her fingers into her mouth. Her students, as one might expect, followed suit.

     While putting someone else's blood into your mouth is on its face disgusting, it's also a good way to contract a dangerous blood transmitted disease. If an American teacher did what the Norwegian teacher was accused of, she would be charged with child endangerment.

     The head of the Norwegian school fired the teacher who was a temporary employee. A judge ordered Anderson to undergo tests for Hepatitis B and AIDS. If the results of these tests came back, this information was not published.

      Mind boggling cases like this are particularly disturbing because they reveal how difficult it is to shield vulnerable children from teachers who are either incredibly stupid or perverted.


  1. Just catching up on your posts while I was dining alone. I better use some caution about that next time! Yuck. Anyway, this brings out the mother bear in me. I just want to hit her with my big mother bear claw. Western civilization has gotten to the point where nothing is taboo. We will accept any behavior and call it normal because we are AFRAID of offending someone. So, we are afraid to screen people for jobs. Maybe, if they did, they would have excluded this pagan blood sacrifice worshipping freak.

  2. It's one teacher who did something wrong, not "Western civilzation". Get a grip.