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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pedophilia: America's Hidden Crime Wave

Pedophilia is our nation's most prevalent and ignored crime. It's kept hidden because it's so difficult for an advanced society to accept the fact that so many among us are serial sexual predators who prey on helpless, voiceless children. In denying the scope of this massive and longtime social cancer, detectives and prosecutors allow themselves to believe credibly accused pedophile suspects and disbelieve the victims of this horrific crime. As a result, law abiding citizens who suspect pedophilia within their own families, their churches, their neighborhoods and their places of employment are afraid to come forward. This is also true of victims who remain silent out of fear of the pedophile, and of not being believed. The way it functions, our criminal justice system benefits these insidious serial offenders at the expense of victims who have no voice, victims who suffer in silence the rest of their lives as their abusers continue to offend without consequence. And when a pedophile is caught and prosecuted, the sentence is either light or the offender is released early on parole. Beyond outrageous, this is a national disgrace.

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