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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Perils of Prostitution in China

     In China, prostitutes work out of "hair salons" with secret  sex rooms in the back. They also ply their trade in upscale karoake parlors. Except during periodic government "vice sweep" campaigns, corrupt police officers look the other way.

     Rounded-up prostitutes are sent to "custody and education" detention centers where they are forced to work in one of 200 prison sweatshops. Without the benefit of trials, legal representation, or any form of due process, prostitutes caught in the net spend six months to two years in these forced labor jails.

     Inmates at custody and education prisons manufacture products for export such as ornamental paper flowers, disposable chopsticks, toys, and dog diapers. Relatives who visit incarcerated prostitutes have to pay a fee for the opportunity. Abuse by prison personnel is commonplace within this correctional system.

     When released from custody, prostitutes are told they owe the government for expenses related to food, medical exams, bedding, soap, and other personal items. The cost of a six-month stay in one of these hell-holes amounts to the equivalent of $400. Most of the released prisoners go right back to selling their bodies.

     To make certain the prison factories are supplied with a steady flow of workers, cities and counties impose annual hooker arrest quotas. Each year in China the police arrest 18,000 to 28,000 prostitutes.


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