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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Cops Protecting Cops

      The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is creating a new policy that will require the agency's background investigators to report job applicants who admit to potential criminal misconduct during the hiring process.

     The reform comes in response to inquiries from The Los Angeles Times about a mass hiring the sheriff conducted in 2010 after taking over the jurisdiction of the county's smaller police force, the Office of Public Safety.

     According to internal records reviewed by The Times, many of the county officers who then applied for jobs with the Sheriff's Department admitted during the screening process that they had committed misconduct for which they had never been caught. Officers acknowledged misdeeds such as stealing county property and falsifying reports. Once officer said he "confiscated" steaks from people having a barbecue, then cooked them and ate them on duty.

     No action was taken against any of the county officers who admitted apparent wrongdoing….

     According to legal experts, admissions made during law enforcement job interviews can be used in court, even if the disclosures are made during the polygraph portion of the screening process.

Robert Faturechi and Ben Poston, The Los Angeles Times, December 27, 2013 

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