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Friday, March 18, 2022

Behind the Wheel: Drunk and Narcissistic

     On October 13, 2015, 23-year-old Whitney Beall, while driving from one bar to another in her 2015 Toyota Corolla in Lakeland, Florida, recorded her alcohol intoxication by video on the social media app Periscope. "Let's have fun! Let's have fun!" she repeatedly exclaimed into the little camera. Also: "Hi everybody in different countries. I really hope you don't mind that I drive, because in the USA it is really important."

     Beall declared herself unfit to drive when she said, " I'm driving drunk and this is not cool. I haven't been arrested yet, and I really don't hope so." A few minutes later she announced this into the video camera: "I'm driving home drunk, let's see if I get a DUI."

     Several people watching the live-steamed video called 911 to report the drunken driver who was exhibiting her condition to the world.

     Lakeland patrol officer Mike Kellner spotted a 2015 Toyota Corolla being driven on the wrong side of the road. He pulled the car over and encountered the social media sensation, Whitney Beall.

     Beall and her car reeked of alcohol, and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. In addressing the officer, Beall made a series of slurred, rambling statements that included the claim she was lost and driving on a flat tire.

     After failing the field sobriety test, Officer Kellner took the suspect into custody. After refusing to take a breathalyzer test, officers booked Beall into the Polk County Jail on the charge of driving under the influence. It was her first DUI arrest.

     The day following her DUI charge, Beall made bond and was released from custody. To a reporter she said, "It was a big mistake and I'm learning my lesson." Fortunately, her "big mistake" and learning experience didn't kill someone.

     In February 2016, Beall pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. The judge sentenced her to a six month license suspension, ten days of vehicle impoundment, and a year of probation.


  1. wow. That's not that far from me, and it's really disappointing. What is wrong with people?!

  2. This has got to be a joke? What kind of idiot would make these types of claims and then follow up on her promise. If i was the judge in that district, her license is gone for ten years, she serves community service in a hospital where the victims of drunk drivers are brought in every night as a result of these jerks driving.

    Faith Brady @ KHunterLaw

  3. I really think that this country as a whole needs to make texting and driving penalties more severe. Just today I counted over a dozen people texting while speeding, and one of them was a school bus driver with a ton of kids riding in the back. You can easily spot someone who is texting as they look down for long periods before glancing up.

    Modesto Culbertson @ D & Z Law Group

  4. Jim, not only was your story funny, but it really puts the message out there that technology shouldn't enable us to make stupid decisions. Driving drunk is just as stupid, if not more stupid to do when it is live-streamed on social media. This lady got what was coming to her and hopefully others learn from her stupidity!

    Joanne Krueger @ Kurtz And Blum