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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Steven L. Nelson: Born to be Executed

     When he was 3-years-old, Steven L. Nelson set fire to his mother's bed. His father abused the boy, and by the time he was ten, Steven was being medicated for attention deficit disorder. But the child's emotional and personality problems were deeper than that, and the drugs only made him more hyperactive and impossible to control.

     As a teen, Steven continued to be a disciplinary problem in school and got into trouble with the law. He seemed to enjoy disturbing the peace, causing trouble, and inflicting pain on others. He ended up in juvenile detention centers in Oklahoma and Texas. One didn't have to be an expert in deviant behavior to predict bad things for this young man as well as the people unfortunate enough to cross his path. Had he been accidentally run over and killed by a bus, it would have been a gift to society.

     On March 3, 2011 in North Arlington, Texas, the 25-year-old sadistic sociopath, in the course of robbing a Baptist church, murdered the pastor, 28-year-old Clint Dobson. He beat, bound, then with a plastic bag, suffocated his victim. Nelson also viciously assaulted Judy Elliott, the church secretary. Left for dead, she survived the attack.

     A week after the murder of Pastor Dobson and the attempted murder of his secretary, the police arrested Nelson. Although this cold-blooded killer was off the street, he was still an extremely dangerous man. While incarcerated in the Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Texas, Nelson, while in the recreation area of the lockup, attacked another inmate. Nelson beat 30-year-old Jonathan Holden with a broom handle, then strangled the mentally retarded man to death with a blanket. After murdering Holden, Nelson showed-off to inmates who had witnessed the homicide by doing the Chuck Berry hop, using the broomstick as his guitar.

     Knowing that he was going to be convicted for murdering Pastor Dobson, Nelson, with nothing to lose, had killed another man just for the thrill of it.

     On October 8, 2012, after a week-long trial, a jury in Fort Worth, Texas found Steven Nelson guilty of capital murder in the brutal, sadistic killing of Pastor Dobson. Following the verdict, the penalty phase of the murder trial got underway before the same jurors. The jury would have to decide whether to sentence this man to life in prison without parole or condemn him to die by lethal injection.

     After a week of testimony from prosecution witnesses, Nelson's defense attorneys put experts on the stand in a futile attempt to make their client slightly more sympathetic than the vicious, recreational murderer that he was.

     Dr. Antoinette McGarrahan, a psychiatrist with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, labeled Nelson a violent psychopath and said he will pose a danger to people exposed to him in prison. This prosecution witness also debunked Nelson's claim that he had multiple personalities. On October 16, 2012, the jury, after deliberating Nelson's fate for 90 minutes, issued their sentence verdict: death by lethal injection.

     Nelson, true to form, was not done creating havoc. After sheriff deputies placed him into a courthouse holding pen, he flooded the cell, and the courtroom, with black, fire-retardant infused water from the sprinkler head he had broken. Courthouse personnel scrambled to save boxes of evidence from being ruined by the foul-smelling liquid. As the courthouse people rushed to save the evidence, they could hear Nelson howling like a wolf in his cell. Firefighters who responded to the scene shut off the water to the sprinkler system.
     As of this writing, Steven L. Nelson awaits his date with the executioner.


  1. You have no idea who this person even is. You know nothing but what you have read. Yet you spew this ignorance on the internet. You don't even know his father let alone if he was abusive. It amazes me how people have these opinions formed on people they don't even know. And FYI he didn't kill Holden it was dismissed. Evidence was overlooked and people who were actually involved weren't even put on trial. Why? Because they had help. This man went down because he had zero support and a lawyer who obviously couldn't do their job.. if they only knew his mother they wouldn't be so quick to blame his father.

  2. He went down because there was a ton of evidence against him, at the scene, to say that he did it. He could have had the best lawyer ever and he still would have been found guilty.

    1. Actually there was no DNA evidence linking him to the murder. Get your facts right buddy you want to see the person who did it and has no remorse and openly gloats about it? Facebook search AG Blashmen and check out his posts and music he openly admits to it and he still thinks he got away with it. They put the wrong man behind bars.

  3. There is DNA evidence linking him. Victims blood on his shoes. But he gives the old "I just waited in the car then went in afterwards to steal something"
    Yeah sure. It's always the guy who waits in the car who gets convicted.
    He was there. He took part in the robbery which resulted in a person being murdered
    By law he is in fact guilty

    1. But i thought we were speaking on him being the murderer? He may have been involved but the other two suspect who committed the crime got away free.. is that justice? By law he is guilty he was involved in the crime but what about the other suspects?