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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Teens Murder Homeless Men

     In July 2014, Albuquerque police were investigating whether three teenagers suspected of beating two homeless men to death with cinderblocks, bricks and a metal fence pole were responsible for dozens of other attacks on transients during the past few months. Alex Rios, 18, and two boys, ages 16 and 15, were held in Bernalillo County detention facilities a day after allegedly killing two sleeping men in a open field in an attack so violent it left the victims unrecognizable…A third man said he was able to escape.

     The teens said they wanted to look for someone to beat up and possibly rob. One teen told the authorities the other was "very angry" over a breakup with his longtime girlfriend. [Longtime?] A criminal complaint said one of the teens told police they had attacked more than 50 people in recent months…

     Officers responded Saturday, July 19, 2014 around eight in the morning to a 911 call reporting two bodies in a field. Officers found one victim lying on a mattress and another on the ground. Jerome Eskeets, a third victim, who said he was able to flee, was hospitalized for his injuries.

     Eskeets told police that he recognized one of the "kids" hitting and kicking him as someone who lived in a house nearby. Police found the trio of suspects in that house. The homeowner said the 15 and 16-year-old were his sons and Rios was a friend who had spent the night…

     A local prosecutor charged Rios with two counts of murder. The younger boys will be charged with murder as adults…Rios told investigators he acted as a lookout while the other boys attacked both men with bricks, sticks, and a mental fence pole. The younger suspects, however, told police that Rios also took part in the attacks. All three had covered their faces with black T-shirts before approaching the victims. According to the 15-year-old, they all took turns picking up cinderblocks and repeatedly smashing them into the men's faces.

     The suspects said that after the attacks, they took one of the victim's driver's license and debit card. Police found the driver's license in the teen's home…

"Police: Teens in Homeless Beating Deaths May Have Attacked 50 Others in Recent Months," Associated Press, July 21, 2014  

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