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Monday, July 28, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Hit And Run Murders in Philadelphia

     Three children helping their mother operate a fruit stand were killed on Friday, July 25, 2014 when a stolen SUV plowed into a small crowd on a Philadelphia street corner. Killed were 10-year-old Tomas Reed, 7-year-old Terrence Moore and 15-year-old Keiearra Williams. Their mother, 34-year-old  Keisha Williams remained in critical condition at Temple University Hospital…

     Two men, one black, one Hispanic, carjacked a real estate agent showing a house. They pushed the victim into the backseat of her Toyota SUV. The men drove around Philadelphia at high speeds while holding the real estate agent at gunpoint…When the SUV rounded a corner it slammed into the family raising money for their church. Another person at the fruit stand was injured by the carjacked vehicle.  Shortly thereafter the stolen car crashed in a wooded area. The two carjackers fled the scene and have not been apprehended.

"Carjackers Run Over, Kill 3 Siblings in Philadelphia," CNN, July 26, 2014


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