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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Branding Your Kids Like Cattle

     Kayla Oxenham told her children she "forgot how much she loved fire" as she branded them with a stick. A 7-year-old told police officers in Port Charlotte, Florida that her mom also cracked her sisters' heads against a wall after she became angry over a cat being locked in a bathroom.

     Deputies say the abuse took place in March 2014, but the arrest wasn't made until June when daycare workers noticed scars on the children…Oxenham told police she branded the kids so she could recognize them. She added that she did it so the children could have ice cream. The authorities charged Oxenhamis with felony child abuse.

Rick Couri, "Mom Arrested on Suspicion of Branding Kids So she Could Identify Them," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 23, 2014 

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