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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Planted DNA Evidence in the Anthony Turner Rape Case

     In 1999, when DNA from three rape victims matched Anthony Turner with a probability of three million to one, he was convicted of rape. Turner claimed the DNA must have come from someone else, but he had no twin brother. When he was awaiting sentencing, a woman said she had been raped. When tested, her attacker's DNA matched Turner's--even though he had been in jail at the time of the last rape.

     As it turns out, the woman who made the fourth (and final) accusation had been hired by members of Turner's family. They paid her $50 to make the rape claim, and even supplied her with the "evidence"--all to discredit the three previous, positive DNA tests. The semen that had been tested had actually been snuck out of prison by Turner in a ketchup packet.

The Monday Murder Club, A Miscellany of Murder, 2011 

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