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Friday, May 15, 2020

A Rape Victim's Revenge

     After years of being sexually abused by her father, a young Indian woman got her revenge. On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Kulvinder Kaur admitted murdering her father as he slept. She stated that she cut open his chest and removed his pacemaker.

     The 23-year-old woman said that her father, Daljeet Singh, started abusing her after her mother died three years ago. She had endured his assaults for years because she had been too frightened to go to the police.

     On the evening of April 30, 2014, Kaur left her house door open so that two of her male friends could slip into the house undetected. The two males bludgeoned the sleeping 56-year-old man with a wooden cricket stump. Kaur then tore open his chest with a shard of glass and ripped out his pacemaker. The trio then put the body in a bed sheet, drove to a forested area several kilometers away, and dumped the corpse.

     Police arrested Kaur and a 22-year-old tattoo artist named Prince Sandhu. Police also took into custody 23-year-old Ashok Sharma, an apparel brand's showroom worker. Police recovered the blood-stained cricket stump, the glass shard, and other physical evidence.

     In 2016, Kulvinder Kaur and her accomplices were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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