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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Escape From Alcatraz

On June 11, 1962, Frank Morris and the brothers John and Clarence Anglin, three inmates of the Alcatraz maximum security federal prison located on an island in San Francisco Bay, pulled off one of the "greatest" prison escapes in American history. After months of planning, they squeezed through air vents and made their way into the Pacific Ocean, where they boarded a raft they'd made of stolen raincoats. They were never seen again. Because their raft and paddles washed up ashore, many believe the men drowned in the icy waters. The Anglin family insists the brothers survived and have presented evidence to prove it. The FBI can't quite figure out what to believe.

Lauren Cohn, "13 Prisoners Who Escaped Are Still at Large," Reader's Digest, June 14, 2020

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