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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Paroling the Killer of Michael Jordan's Father

     On the night of July 23, 1993, James Jordan, the father of famed basketball star Michael Jordan, was murdered by Larry Demery and Daniel Green. Shortly before he was shot to death, Mr. Jordan had been sleeping in his luxury car parked off a highway near Lumberton, North Carolina. At the time the killers spotted Mr. Jordan asleep in his car, they were planning on robbing a motel. The killers had no idea who they had murdered until Mr. Jordan's violent death made the news. "I believe we killed Michael Jordan's daddy," Daniel Green told Larry Demery.

     After murdering James Jordan, the killers dumped his body into a nearby swamp, then used the victim's expensive car to take their girlfriends on a date.

     About a year after the murder, Demery and Green were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. But in North Carolina, "life in prison" didn't necessary mean life in prison.

     In August 2020, parole authorities in North Carolina announced that on August 9, 2023, Larry Demery would be granted parole. While criminal justice sob-sisters cheered, the news that the man who had killed Michael Jordan's father in cold blood would not serve out his sentence, outraged everyone else.

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