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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Pedophiles in Hollywood: Hey Kid, You Want to be a Star?

     While child sexual molestation takes place behind closed doors, pedophiles groom their potential victims in plain sight. They do this in classrooms, churches, gymnasiums, and day care centers--anywhere vulnerable children are subjected to the influence and control of adults. They also do it in Hollywood where parents eagerly offer up young, aspiring actors and entertainers to pedophiles working as talent managers, agents, publicists, acting coaches, and casting directors.

Jason James Murphy

     In Edmonds, Washington, 19-year-old Jason James Murphy, an aspiring actor working as a camp counselor, met and began grooming a 5-year-old boy for sexual encounters. In December 1995, an employee of the Hazelwood Elementary School in Lynnwood, Washington, saw Murphy kissing this boy who was now 7. The teacher notified the police who took Murphy into custody on a child molestation charge. Murphy's family posted his bail and shortly after his arrest he was released.

     In January 1996, Murphy's fixation on this child was so intense he disguised himself as a woman and lured the boy from the elementary school. Murphy and the abducted child flew to New York City and checked into a hotel. After a massive police hunt for the missing victim followed by a segment featuring the case on "America's Most Wanted," a New York City hotel clerk who recognized Murphy and the boy notified the authorities. A short time later, FBI agents rescued the child, and arrested Murphy. Eight months after that a federal jury found Murphy guilty of kidnapping and child molestation. He served 5 of his 7 year sentence behind bars.

     Four years after getting out of federal prison, Murphy moved to West Hollywood, California where he registered as a sex offender under his legal name, Jason James Murphy. Under California law, there were strict rules regarding the circumstances under which a registered sex offender can work with children under 16. The law also required registered sex offenders to notify law enforcement if they changed their names or use aliases.

     Murphy, under the professional name Jason James, became a successful freelance child actor casting director. He worked on films such as "Bad News Bears," "The School of Rock," and "Cheaper by the Dozen 2." Director and co-producer J. J. Abrams hired him as a freelancer on "Super 8."

     On November 17, 2011, J. J. Abrams, having learned of Jason James' true identity, informed Paramount Pictures. Someone at the studio called the police.

     Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department, on December 9, 2011, arrested Murphy on charges he had violated California's sex offender registry regulations. Violations of these laws were felonies that carried sentences of up to three years in prison. Murphy's attorney blamed the arrest, and the attention it drew from the media, on the highly publicized Penn State child molestation story that was breaking at the time. The lawyer also claimed that the people who had hired Murphy as a casting director knew his full, legal name. Mr. Murphy had not been accused of molesting any of the children he had worked with professionally.

     On May 2, 2012, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge dismissed the charges against Murphy on the grounds that all the studio executives who used his services were aware of the casting director's true identity.

Martin Weiss

     Less than two weeks after producer J. J. Abrams notified Paramount Pictures of who Jason James really was, Los Angeles detectives with the Topanga Division's Sexual Assault Unit arrested 47-year-old Martin Weiss, a Hollywood manager who specialized in child actors. Weiss stood accused of committing 30 to 40 sexual crimes against an aspiring singer and musician he represented from 2005 to 2008. The sexual encounters allegedly took place at Weiss' apartment/business office in Santa Monica, and at his home in Woodland Hills. After being taken to the Los Angeles County Jail, a judge set his bond at $300,000.

     According to the alleged victim, now 18-years-old, the molesting stopped when he turned 15. After that, he and Weiss parted ways. The victim didn't report the abuse then because he didn't think anyone would believe his story. But after the Coach Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal became big news, the victim decided to report his abuser, and come forward with evidence that backed up his story.

     On November 15, 2011, the victim confronted Weiss at his apartment in Santa Monica, and secretly taped their conversation. (In the Penn State case, the victim's mother taped her confrontation with the former football coach and child molester.) In discussing their past relationship, Weiss did not deny having sexual relations with his accuser. When Weiss' accuser compared his victimization with that of Jerry Sandusky and the boys he molested, Weiss reportedly replied, "Those kids didn't want it." Weiss' accuser pointed out that his sexual encounters with Weiss, acts that took place when he was 11 and 12, had also not been consensual.

     Martin Weiss, at a December 15, 2012 pretrial hearing, entered a plea of not guilty. If convicted as charged, the owner of Martin Weiss Management faced up to 34 years in prison.

     Paula Dorn, the co-founder of the non-profit child talent support organization BizParentz Foundation, reportedly said that, over the years, she and members of her group have heard rumors of Weiss' sexual relationships with some of his clients. But without any hard evidence of sexual abuse, no one reported this to law enforcement.

     On June 1, 2012, Martin Weiss pleaded no contest to two counts of a lewd act with an 11-year-old client. The judge, Leslie Dunn, sentenced Weiss to one year in the Los Angeles County Jail. He also received five years probation, had to register as a sex offender, and stay away with people under 18. In return for the plea, the prosecutor dropped 6 other sex offense charges against  him.

A Documentary on Pedophilia in Hollywood

     On June 13, 2016, The Week magazine published an article about a column by Oliver Thring that had appeared recently in The Sunday Times (London) regarding pedophiles in Hollywood. What follows is an excerpt from the The Week piece:

     "Serial child abusers lurk among the legions of directors, managers, and agents, sheltered by powerful friends and their own wealth. One agent who managed high-profile child stars was convicted of molesting a boy and trafficking in child pornography, and he spent eight years in jail. Others, though, are never exposed or return to work in Hollywood after serving just a few months in prison--and their old pals hire them to work with children again. Those who speak out are shamed or silenced. Actor Corey Feldman, for example, went public after the abuse he and Corey Haim suffered for years. Both actors went on to abuse alcohol and drugs, and Haim died at age 38. But Feldman's tell-all memoir was dismissed as unreliable because of his drug addiction. Oscar nominated director Amy Berg has made a documentary about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Hollywood, in which five former child actors described their abuse and named names. But though An Open Secret was well received at Cannes, Berg couldn't acquire a distributor. Hollywood bigwigs just didn't want the story told."


  1. Jim, one correction to your blog: Marty Weiss did NOT make bail. He is currently housed in County Jail awaiting trial. He appeared in January again, and his lawyer asked for addition time to analyze the tape. He is due in court again next week, I believe.

  2. Martin Weiss. He's a former child actor and Manager of Martin Weiss Management representing child actors. See link:. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/crime/hollywood-child-actor-manager-martin-weiss-arrested-sexually-abusing-kids

  3. Any updates on this creep?

  4. Yes the creep is cooling his heels in the LA County lock up. One year a slap on the wrist.

  5. Lmfao!!! I did a year for being 8k behind on my child support, over a 12 year period and this guy gets a year for sodomizing children. The sentence was probably suspended or some shit. Unfortunately, the Jews have the juice in California.... if that were my child, I'd put him down in a heartbeat and live happily in prison, knowing he was gone forever. Anyhow, ic he does spend any time in county, he will be segragated. The guards always let everyone's jacket available because EVERYONE hates pedophilesm. And, believe me, they have no way to avoid being beaten in county or prison.

    1. I was with you,Anon,until you had to drag your bigotry and hatred into it. We are talking about keeping children safe from monsters. Take your antisemitic $h!+ an

  6. This is sick. One year? Are you F****ing kidding me?!? This Weiss guy is supposedly Corey Haim's abuser --- and look at what became of him. Who knows how many others were abused by this sicko. The justice system in this country is a joke. They'll lock an innocent person up for years, but if they are actually guilty and have money they can get away with anything.

    1. He's just ONE of the men who abused Haim....the first is a very well known Actor who recently in the past year announced he is hiv positive and was in a movie with Haim. Based on that info you should easily figure out who it is and why Feldman won't name him

  7. The judge dismissed the charges on Jason James Murphy and he currently is listed on IMDB under both names. Where is the justice? F**king bought and paid for California judges. . . I am so pi**ed off!

  8. Hello from the future!

    1. This is creepy, I just watch Fall Cabal 1-10 and started my own research and see your post.. Hello fro the future.. then your next reply.. I am falling down the rabbit hole at a fast pace..