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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Schools Of Journalism: What's the Point?

For an old school journalist, teaching journalism to college students must be one of the worst jobs in academia. What could the professor say to students about to enter a profession that no longer embraces journalistic objectivity, professional integrity, or freedom of the press? How could such a teacher encourage a student to work in a profession that is no longer trusted by a large percentage of the American public? Perhaps the true question should be: Why do universities still support schools of journalism, and where do they find the teachers to staff these programs? Is that the problem? Should we blame the university for the dismal state of journalism in this country? The decline of honest, objective reporting is more than just disgraceful, it poses a threat to our freedom.

1 comment:

  1. Fifty(!!) years ago I longed to be a journalist! I still do a bit, even at my age, but you're right- like so many other things with which I grew up, it has changed... a LOT. So I write dreck on my computer and wonder...