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Saturday, May 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Expanded Surveillance State

     The response by governments and the tech industry to the coronavirus outbreak has already raised many concerns about privacy from contact tracing apps, mobile location data tracking and police surveillance drones. The outbreak has also brought new privacy issues, as companies beef up surveillance with technologies like thermal cameras and facial recognition in preparation for when people return to their everyday lives.

     Surveillance technology has slowly integrated into our daily lives, with facial recognition getting added as a "convenience" feature for casinos and ordering food. The coronavirus has sped up that process, in the name of public health. Shopping centers have long used Bluetooth trackers to determine crowd sizes and whereabouts, and the pandemic his shifted its use to enable contact tracing.

Alfred Ng, "COVID-19 Could Set a New Norm For Surveillance and Privacy," May 11, 2020, CNET

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