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Monday, March 6, 2023

See No Evil: Getting Away With Pedophilia

     Why are so many serial pedophiles able to go so long without being caught and brought to justice for their atrocious crimes? Many of these sexual predators never see the inside of a courtroom or a prison. Who knows how many of these sex offenders go to their graves unpunished. The two principal reasons for this unfortunate reality involves the pedophile victims' youth and vulnerability, and the fact that adults who suspect pedophilia remain silent.

     Many pedophiles, particularly men in positions of authority, people like high school coaches, school principals, men of the cloth and leaders in the community, openly associate with and cavort with young boys in ways that should make their colleagues, friends, and relatives suspicious. Yet no one reports these suspected pedophiles to law enforcement or other people of authority. The parents of these potential victims are even left in the dark. Why is that?

     People who should raise their voices but don't are either indifferent (I don't want to get involved), afraid of the consequences of being wrong, or in denial.

     It seems the more serious the suspicion the less likely people harboring the suspicion will come forward. This is especially true when the men under suspicion are prominent or powerful.

     If these same men, instead of pedophilia, were suspected of petty corruption or incompetence, many people in the know would report them, especially if there was something to gain by doing so. This is because petty corruption and incompetence are shortcomings that are so common they are believable, and in many cases, presumed. Moreover, such accusations involve subjective judgments. If the accuser is wrong, no harm, no foul. Wrongfully accusing someone of pedophilia, however, could have serious consequences for the accuser. Moreover, even if the accuser is right but the case against the suspect cannot be proven, the accuser could end up in court as a defendant in a defamation case. Pedophiles know this, and therefore go about their depraved business with confidence they will not be exposed and put behind bars.
     In recent years, what could be called a cultural pro-pedophilia movement has been underway in an effort to normalize adult sexual relations with children. This may explain why pedophiles who are caught seem to be receiving lighter sentences. 

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