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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?

     At three in the morning on August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper, Eunice Murray, saw a light under the movie star's bedroom door. After knocking and getting no response, Murray called Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. The doctor arrived at the Brentwood, California hacienda shortly after being summoned and upon entering the bedroom found the 36-year-old actress dead. Following a considerable passage of time, Dr. Greenson called the Los Angeles Police. (Before alerting the authorities, Monroe's psychiatrist phoned Peter Lawford, an actor friend of Monroe's who rushed to the scene. Peter Lawford happened to be President John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law. Lawford was also rumored to have fixed the president up with Monroe.)

     The first detective didn't arrive at the scene until 4:30 that morning. Based on the state of Monroe's rigor mortis (postmortem body stiffening), the officer estimated the time of her death to be 12:30 AM, give or take an hour. In the bedroom the detective found 15 bottles of prescription drugs and an empty bottle of champagne. The scene was never processed for latent fingerprints.

     Because of the delay between the time of death and the arrival of the police, valuable evidence from the bedroom and the house could have been removed and destroyed. For example, Monroe was known to have kept a diary. Had she been sexually involved with President Kennedy and later with his brother Robert, the U.S. Attorney General, her journal might have contained revealing and embarrassing information related to, among other things, a motive for  her murder. The diary was never recovered. Monroe's phone records also turned up missing. Regardless of how Marilyn Monroe died, the case had all the earmarks of a cover-up.

     Five or six hours after Marilyn Monroe's sudden and unexplained death, her body was turned over to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office for autopsy. The so-called "Coroner to the Stars," Dr. Thomas Noguchi, performed the autopsy. According to all accounts, he did a thorough job which included a careful examination of Monroe's body for signs that she had been injected with something toxic. The forensic pathologist did not find any evidence of foul play.

     A toxicology test of Monroe's blood revealed high levels of Nembutal (38-66 capsules) and chloral hydrate (14-23 tablets). Based on Monroe's autopsy, the apparent circumstances surrounding the death, and the toxicology report, Dr. Noguchi ruled her death a "possible suicide."

     The medico-legal examination of the corpse, however, was not complete. Because the samples had been "lost," there was no toxicological analysis of Monroe's stomach and intestine contents.

     In 1982, twenty years after Marilyn Monroe's death, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office reviewed the case and issued a report. The cold case investigators, aware of the flaws and problems with the initial inquiry, concluded that Monroe had probably died of an accidental overdose. However, not everyone, then and now, ruled out the possibility of homicide. Perhaps the most popular theory of murder, and the motive behind it, involved keeping Monroe from spilling the beans about her affairs with the Kennedy brothers. The well known forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, publicly expressed his opinion that Monroe could have been injected with a toxic substance.

     In 2011, the Associated Press, anticipating the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death on August 5, 1962, attempted under the Freedom of Information Act to acquire the FBI's voluminous file on Marilyn Monroe.

     J. Edgar Hoover, as part of his war against domestic communism, monitored the activities of hundreds of novelists, actors, musicians, screenwriters, sports figures and politicians. In 1955, the bureau opened an on-going intelligence file on Marilyn Monroe. Agents kept track of where she went, what she did and who she associated with. FBI investigators conducted hundreds of confidential interviews of people who knew the actress. None of this information was made public.

     Nine months after its request for the Monroe FBI file, the bureau replied that the agency no longer possessed this material. The Associated Press then requested the files from the National Archives which also denied possession of the Monroe data.

     In January 2013, the FBI finally released its file on Marilyn Monroe. Heavily redacted, most of the information focused on Monroe's travels and associations with people suspected of being communists. There was no proof that Monroe was herself a communist, and no information that added insight into the manner of her death.


  1. The was no drinking glass at the scene , nor running water in her bath you wrote there was an empty champaigne bottle present, that is incorrect. Additionally the toxicology report states no ethenol present...so Marilyn had no alchol in her system that night.

  2. Everyone involved had a personal agenda to relieve guilt I believe. I don't put much weight on any statements given about that night and stick to the facts of a strange death and ensueing muffing of details and bizaar investigation to a quick conclusion. I believe someone helped assisted Marilyn to unknowingly O.D.

  3. Marilyn Monroe took drugs, drunk and smoked. But she had limits. She would never suicide. The chances are she had taken it by accident.

  4. I do see it that Marilyn's. Death. Is a government coverup

  5. My mom moved to a retirement home a few months ago and just yesterday she said that she met a woman there that is one of Marilyn's kids. Now I know everyone says that she never had kids but this lady has a story that's very hard not to believe.
    She says that Marilyn had 5 or 6 daughters and one son (I don't remember if it was 5 or 6)and that they were all from different men.
    There's a lot to her story from what I was told by mom but she says that the Kennedy's were to blame for her death. She said that Marilyn had a lot of info on the JFK and that they were breaking up and she was going to spill the beans on the family and tell all that she knew.

    I have my doubts about this lady but I find it very interesting that this person has all this info that I haven't been able to find anywhere.

    What if its true what she says? All I know is that I want to go visit my mom and meet this lady.

    1. when r u going to meet the lady??


  6. She does not have kids , i know a family member of marilyn monroe she was a lovely lady who will never be forgotten

  7. Never have understood why this is such a 'mystery' - it is perfectly clear to me --- the Kennedy's secret service made sure these documents were destroyed as they are 100% behind this mystery.

  8. I am the author of the e-book " MARILYN MONROE THE LOST DIARY'......I can truley say I agree with the coments that were made on this site about Marilyn Monroe.....fabulous gabriel

  9. was she killed then? did she know too much???

  10. Marilyn Monroe killed Marilyn Monroe.

  11. So how do the phone records end up missing? Wouldn't they be in the possession of the phone company?

  12. Can we ask the question as t why the maid was up so late snooping around in front of her room?