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Saturday, October 2, 2021

On Being A Novelist

There are much easier, more pleasant ways to pass the time than writing, though few so rewarding intellectually and spiritually. But it's no sin to be honest and admit it if you'd rather garden, fish, or socialize with friends than go it alone as a novelist, with no guarantee of success. If you aren't sure you're up to all that writing demands of a person, go no further.

John Jakes in Writer's Handbook, edited by Sylvia K. Burack, 1988 


  1. :::::Meekly raising hand:::::::

    There are still a few of us who write simply because we like to write. Writing, for some reason, makes me feel better. My friends think I'm weird, always writing with no hope of being published... I will never be famous, and my writing will never be anything but mediocre, but I'll just keep on writing and being me.

    1. There is no better reason to write than that.