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Friday, October 10, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Militarizing the Coroner's Office

     A Defense Department giveaway program that equips local police with surplus military weapons also supplies guns to government agencies with limited law enforcement powers and a questionable need for high-powered firearms. [The coroner's office doesn't need low-powered guns.]

     An Arkansas Coroner got a rifle, a handgun and a Humvee. Military-grade weapons also have gone to agencies that enforce gaming laws at Kansas tribal casinos, weigh 18-wheelers in Mississippi, and investigate livestock thefts in Wyoming. While most of the weapons go to municipal police departments and county sheriffs [they don't need this stuff either], an Associated Press review of the Pentagon's 1033 Program shows that a diverse array of other state and local agencies have scooped up guns and other military surplus equipment.

"Even a Coroner Gets Surplus Military Guns," Associated Press, October 7, 2014 

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