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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Running Gun Battle With Police Results in Shooting Death of Child

     A 3-year-old girl died Saturday, August 16, 2014, after a man and police officers engaged in a chase and gun battle in Prince George's County, Maryland…Officers began pursuing the man early in the afternoon when he drove a Nissan Maxima away from the scene of a shooting in Temple Hills. One of the wheels fell off the suspect's car and he stopped and exchanged gunfire with police…

     The suspect kept driving but stopped again and traded bullets with the police a second time. Officers killed the man in the second exchange…Inside the vehicle, police found the wounded 3-year-old girl who later died.

     Police say they don't know who fired the bullets that killed the man or the girl…Police believe the dead man was the girl's father.

     At the scene of the first shooting, two people had been wounded. One of the victims was the girl's maternal grandfather and her maternal great-grandmother. They were in critical condition at a local hospital.

"Girl, 3, Dies After Maryland Gun Battle Involving Driver, Police," CNN, August 16, 2014 

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