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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Punching Judge Of Brevard County

     A judge struck a public defender on June 2, 2014 after a verbal confrontation in a Brevard County, Florida courtroom. According to a spokesperson for the public defender's office, Judge John Murphy physically assaulted attorney Andrew Weinstock.

     During a court session in Viera, Florida, when Judge Murphy asked Mr. Weinstock to waive his client's right to a speedy trial, the public defender refused. The courtroom confrontation was captured on video.

      In the hallway outside the courtroom, Judge Murphy grabbed Weinstock by the collar and started punching him in the face. A Brevard County sheriff's deputy stepped in and stopped the assault. The video showed the judge being applauded when he returned to the courtroom. 

     The participants refused to press charges, and no arrests were made. 
     In December 2015, justices on the Florida Supreme Court found that Judge John Murphy was not fit to serve and removed him from the bench.

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