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Monday, February 15, 2021

Women Raped by Ghosts

      In 2014, Natasha Blasick, an actor who played a minor part in a British show called "Paranoid Activity 2", appeared as a guest on the British show "This Morning." On that occasion, she revealed that she had sexual encounters with ghosts. According to the Russian-born actor, she  was raped in her home by a spirit. "I felt something enter the room. I couldn't see anybody. Suddenly I could feel that somebody was touching me. Their [his?] hands were pushing against my will and then I could feel the weight of their [his] body on top of me but I couldn't see anybody. At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it."

     Blasick claimed the ghost returned to her home a month later, and this time, the assault was more violent. An apparent authority on rapist ghosts, a psychic named Patti Negri, informed the TV audience that Blasick's experience is a common occurrence that usually occurs when a woman is mourning the loss of a lover.

     Psychologist Claran O'Keeffe believes the ghost rape experience is caused by sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis happens when the brain wakes up before the body does. The sleep paralysis victim, for a few seconds, feels that he or she cannot move or speak. There can also be hallucinations associated with the experience.

     According to psychic Negri, 80 percent of ghost rapes are committed by a ghost who knows the victim. The psychic advised ghost rape victims to tell the invisible rapist in the strongest language that this is not consensual sex. Moreover, the victim should not be ashamed to report the crime to others. (Do not, however, report the incident to the police. That won't go well with people who deal regularly with real victims of rape.)

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  1. I used to have episodes of scary sleep paralysis at least once or twice a week, but never got lucky- or unlucky, or whatever- like that! Guess I just didn't appeal to the horny haunts!