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Saturday, February 13, 2021

In Police-Dog Confrontations, Pets Lose

     The Browns say a patrolman wielding a shotgun killed a member of their family. Cali, a gentle and loving pit bull was shot to death after jumping the backyard fence in Ardmore, Oklahoma say her owners, who have started a massive social media drive to get the officer disciplined.

     Sarah Brown says a neighbor witnessed the shooting and heard the cop boasting about how "awesome" it looked when the dog's collar blew off from the blast.

     Ardmore Police Captain Eric Hamblin said the March 2014 shooting was justified because animal control officers were unable to collect the dog after receiving phone complaints that a pit bull was acting aggressively in the neighborhood. According to Hamblin, the policeman who shot Cali has received death threats.

     Brown says the neighbor told her the cop had laughed after shooting her 2-year-old dog. The pet joined the family as a puppy and had no history of bad behavior, family members said.

Deborah Hastings, "Oklahoma Family Says Cop Shot To Death Their Beloved Dog For No Reason," New York Daily News, March 25, 2014. There are no statistics regarding how many pet dogs police officers kill every year, but the number is in the thousands. The officer in this case was not disciplined.

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