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Friday, May 2, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Wrong House Drug Raid in Virginia

     A Virginia grandmother still has nightmares of the wrongful police raid conducted on her apartment on the morning of April 10, 2014, at which time she was tied up and questioned in connection with an ongoing drug investigation. No drugs were recovered from the premises….Police raided the wrong residence, mistaking the elderly woman's apartment letter "E" for a "G."

     Ruth Hunter, a 75-year-old who lives in Henrico, Virginia, claims she has never done anything illegal in her life….But that morning, officers with the Virginia State Police kicked in her door and tied her up with cable ties. At first she thought she was being robbed. After the officers identified themselves, they began aggressively questioning her and demanded to know where she was hiding the drugs….

     "I thought it was just someone breaking in to rob me and kill me," she said. "They asked me had I ever stored drugs"….

     Police eventually arrested someone else--at an apartment two doors from Hunter's home. This apartment was "G."…[Due to militarized law enforcement and sloppy policing, it's dangerous to live close to people associated with illegal drugs.]

     Hunter was so disturbed by the incident she has decided to move out. [Good idea.] She has not gotten so much as an apology from the police department. Her door is still broken. [There is nothing rarer than a police apology. Cops surely consider this woman nothing more than collateral damage in the never ending drug war.]…

Robby Soave, "Cops Raid the Wrong Apartment, Tie Down Innocent 75-Year-Old Woman," The Daily Caller, April 23, 2014  

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