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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Woman Stopped by Loss Prevention Officers Blames Store For Miscarriage

     ….Juweria Khalid admits she put the earrings in her purse, but claimed that "she was planning to pay for them." And now she has found a lawyer to sue Macy's over it….Once you put store property in your purse, you've stolen it. Especially a pair of $100 earrings. Certainly at that point you lose any and all presumption of innocence.

     Khalid's only trump card is that she had a miscarriage later, which she blames on Macy's for stopping her after they caught her. The moral of the story is probably that you shouldn't do stressful things like shoplifting jewelry while eight months pregnant….

     On what planet is a woman who admits she put $100 earrings into her purse, innocent?…The most innocent people in our society don't walk around with store property in their purse. Juweria Khalid isn't Forrest Gump. She knew you don't do that. Not if you're planning on paying for them. And if the loss prevention officers stopped her, it was because they saw her do it….

Daniel Greenfield, "Lawyer Sues Macy's For Detaining Muslim Who Stole Earrings," The Daily Caller, May 4, 2014 

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