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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Orlando Police Dog Bites Innocent Person

     An Orlando, Florida K-9 police officer knocked a biker to the ground and allowed a police dog to maul the innocent teenager who the cop has mistaken for a suspect. A year later, the victim, 19-year-old Isaiah Montanez, is suing the Orlando Police Department for his treatment at the hands of officer James Parker.

     Montanez was biking home in Easter Sunday in 2013 when a cop pulled him off his bicycle. The officer later claimed in a report that Montanez had ignored his orders to stop. Parker believed Montanez was a robbery suspect….Once Montanez was on the ground, the officer's K-9 dog attacked him. He received several bites.

     "There was no warning--he didn't ask me to stop or anything of that nature," said Bradley Laurent, Montanez's lawyer….He hit the ground and the dog attacked him." Luarent said his client looked nothing like the robbery suspect….

     After being mauled by the dog, Montanez was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. The district attorney declined to prosecute, however, and the charge was dropped….

Robby Soave, "Cop Sics K-9 on Wrong Person, Innocent Teen Biten," The Daily Caller, April 26, 2014 

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