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Friday, March 29, 2013

Justin Bieber: Tough Guy

     Justin Bieber could have attended an all-girl's school and no one would have been the wiser. He would have been bullied, however, by his less attractive classmates. Now that the pop star is growing up, his handlers are trying to make him more manly. That daunting task probably explains the recent bad-boy stunts, the backwards-worn baseball hat, and the prison-pants look. The latter affectation makes him look more like a rich mental patient than a hard-ass, and is perhaps a lot closer to reality.

     But how can a pop singer with body guards, who looks like a J. C. Pennys' model, come off as a bad hombre? (Tattoos alone won't do the trick.) One way might be to provoke a rich neighbor into filing a battery charge against you.

     It seems that the singing bad-boy has upset the residents of his gated Calabasas, California enclave by speeding around the place in his Ferrari. (Now there's a tough guy vehicle.) One of Bieber's irate neighbors, on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, reportedly showed up at the pop star's mansion and asked him to stop driving around the enclave at 100 mph. Bieber lives on a street called Prado Del Grandioso. (No kidding. It must be rough for kids growing up on this Boulevard of Hard Knocks.)

     According to the 47-year-old business man who confronted Bieber, the 19-year-old spit in his face, and threatened to kill him. I tend to believe the complainant because tough guys don't spit, they simply kick your ass. Moreover, after the incident, Bieber's security team (he has a team of bodyguards) escorted the spit victim off the singer's estate. The neighbor called the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office which dispatched a couple of deputies to the scene.

     Bad Boy Bieber has denied committing battery, and spitting with the intent to look tough.

     Last May, on the mean streets of Calabasas, Bieber struck a paparazzi as he snapped pictures of the singer and his squeeze, Selena Gomez. The assault took place at the Commons at Calabasas Shopping Center. Bieber allegedly kicked the photographer in the lower abdomen. (You never know when those martial art lessons will come in handy. Instead of banning guns, we should outlaw those men with cameras who harass our poor celebrities.)


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